Denera, One of the Indonesian band in Melbourne

26 Januari 2007

Denera band - Interpretasi
Denera formed in Melbourne Australia, November 2004 by a group of friends study in Australia, who wished to develop each of their individual musical skills in a band.
It started with Alvin and Novel as guitarists, Erik as vocalist, Willy on bass and Micky on the drums. Denera aspire to play top rock bands original songs such as Bond Jovi, Mr. Big, and TOTO. Denera started playing gigs in their local area. They were fortunate to display their talent last year in 2005, when they were invited to perform on the Bali culture night, where the audience enjoyed their amazing live debut performance. By this stage, they had developed a strong reputation in Melbourne.
Denera is aiming to rock all Melbournians by sharpen their live performance skills and seized their next opportunity to display their talent in the next band competition. In the RAIS Talent Quest 2005, Denera emerged as one of the top 4 finalists. The audiences were really excited when Denera played Bon Jovi’s and GIGI’s song. Denera has successfully gained all Melbournians attention and recognition for their awesome performance.
Later on, Denera was invited by the PPIA Melbourne University to perform in the Jazz Nite which was held in the F4 Bar & Bistro. Denera proved all odds with their good performance of jazzy music.
Denera went back to their rock style their performance at GALAKSI (Gelar Aksi dan Kreasi) organized by Marcelius Entertainment. GALAKSI was an Indonesian nite that was held in the Odeon (Crown Casino) last May. They performances started with a Nickleback song, Hoobastank followed by their first debut original song performance “Tentang Seseorang” which audiences really enthusiast to see it.
The extensive variety of music in Indonesia gives no reason for Denera to compromise their choice music by sticking to the latest trends. With much room for experiment, Denera wishes to be able to blend their music with all the various musical colors of Indonesia, as “Music is a universal language” to them. It was such an honor for them when RMIT University (http://www.rmit.edu.au/rmitunion/rais) willing to put Denera bio into their yearly 2005 magazine.
As one of the Indonesian band in Melbourne, Denera were successful qualified top 2 bands from Melbourne who will perform in TERBAIK Band Competition 2005, held in Sydney next October. This event was organized by Gigz entertainment (www.gigz.com.au). With hard work and exceptional talent, Denera could make into the top 8 finalists with anticipation, making this whole experience one of the best journeys in their musical careers.
It has been 2 years Denera has built a reputation for being one of the most exciting and hard working live acts in Melbourne. Today they would love to contribute and hopefully creating a breakthrough in Indonesian Music Industry. In the mean time Denera currently finishing their debut mini album called Interpretasi means are “Pengertian segala sesuatu di dunia di dalam warna kehidupan manusia yang ini dapat kita curahkan di musik”. Denera materials on the album were influenced by the likes of John Mayer, U2, Mr.Big, Bon jovi, Jeff Buckley and even Indonesian band such as GIGI. This EP demo will contain 6 song’s which originally composed by Denera’s.

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